Klahr and Company | Hour 2 | 06.26.21

9:00 @samhellman247, national CFB writer @247Sports & @MarkKnudson41: what is the impact of Supreme Court decision colleges unfairly not paying labor (players) to make millions. How can NIL compensation work?, Impact on parity? Is it enforceable? 2021 early CFP predictions. 9:15 @Argonautliquor Games of Week, we ask guest co-host former MLB pitcher @markknudson41 about danger of exodus of Rockies front office player personnel men, Weil and Wilson, on brink of trading franchise stars. And the issue of pitchers using substances on the ball, 9:30 @Argonautliquor GOW part 2, with @markknudson41, we ask Scott Steehn @Steehnroller, lead Handicapper @WinnersWhiners would 2020 Nuggets have won it all in 2021? Pick winners of NBA Suns v. Clips, NHL Stanley Cup matchup, my NYI Prediction. Rox @Milw. Picks of Week. 9:45 Rock & Co. Rockin CU, [email protected] buffstampede.com @MarkKnudson41 my NBA scout report: Jabari Walker at U19 trials, McKinley Wright at NBA combine. Best early CU MBB schedule ever? Impact at CU of NCAA failure to set rules for NIL compensation for athletes, Recruiting

Published: Saturday, June 26, 2021   |   Runtime: 08:09