Sandy and Shawn | Hour 1 | 05.12.22

Sandy and Shawn start the show discussing the NFL’s schedule release and the slate handed to the Broncos. They are joined by Denverfan.com’s Jake Shapiro to discuss the Broncos’ schedule. He thinks that the frontloading of primetime games on the Broncos schedule is a hint that the networks might not be sold on the Broncos. He gives his thoughts on the big news of the day, the arrest of Jerry Jeudy. They look at the incremental changes that could be going on for the Broncos this season, they think that we’ll find out what this team is in the early going of the season. They react to the Stanley Cup Playoffs from the Avs’ next opponent, the St. Louis Blues, to the Toronto Maple Leafs doing what they do best: choke in the playoffs. They discuss the big news of the day for the Broncos, the arrest of Jerry Jeudy.

Published: Friday, May 13, 2022   |   Runtime: 49:39