Sandy and Shawn | Hour 3 | 04.19.22

Sandy and Shawn listen to Pat Surtain II and Dre’Mont Jones’ quotes from the day. They react to Jones’ explanations about the differences in the scheme and the energy in the building with Hackett compared to Fangio. They react to Surtain’s comments about how he’s preparing this year compared to last year and the differences in the scheme this year from last year. The Rockies are off to a good start this year and they break down the steady presence of Bud Black and Kris Bryant. They revisit the Nuggets’ embarrassing Game 2 loss to the Warriors once more and they point out how Jokic will ultimately hurt his case and career if he keeps whining at refs. They lay out the absolute state of the Nuggets in light of the rest of the West and in light of their upcoming cap hell.

Published: Wednesday, April 20, 2022   |   Runtime: 44:53