Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 6/17/17

Matt Endsley of Tightline Outdoors turns our focus to June bites for bass & walleye, and says the shallow-water walleye are all over night-crawlers & jigs right now. Matt says its a good time to try new presentations, and tells Terry a good lure to use when the fish are shallow. Brad says the drop shot is beneficial when bass are spawning, because the bait stays in the strike zone. Also, Chatfield & Cherry Creek are Matt's favorite bodies of water to hit for Father's Day. Troy Lindner joins the show to discuss summer & fall fishing programs, and what the career workshop is meant for. For Father's Day, Troy gives the best advice his dad ever gave him, and how to advance in skill level, presentation & timing. Mark Cousins of Colorado Clays joins the show to talk practice for bird season. Terry highlights the disadvantages of waiting until 3 days before going out to shoot to sight in, and Mark mentions how to put a rifle together for the hunt of a lifetime. The ultimate goal is knowing you can make the shot, and Mark lays out the model for how shooters should prepare. Nate Caldwell joins Terry & Brad to talk about Horsetooth fishing a little differently than Boyd, and says the small-mouth are getting healthy again. Nate says it's always hard to beat a drop-shot, and highlights a presentation style to chase small-mouth bass & get a lot of bites.

Published: Saturday, June 17, 2017   |   Runtime: 40:44