Mile High Baseball | 08.26.22

Episode 6 of the Mile High Baseball Podcast features The Fan's Baseball Insider Patrick Saunders and DMac as they take you through a crazy week in the world of baseball! The guys start off with the Zack Hample debacle that has taken Denver and the rest of the country by storm. It's almost unrealistic how Zack and the Rockies security got to this point and DMac lays out how it got there. Patrick and DMac go into the Rockies series vs the Mets and what this has and will intel over the weekend. They also go into the managing and pitching aspect of why the Rockies took that unbelievable thrashing vs the Rangers on Wednesday. DMac lays into the Rockies and their bad decisions to close out this funny but truth filled episode. 

Published: Saturday, August 27, 2022   |   Runtime: 22:01