Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 7/29/17

Chad LaChance joins the show to tell Terry he carries a first-aid kit all the time, along with a copy of his paperwork. Chad talks about tools to change out a trolling motor, and the importance of carrying sunscreen & quality rope in case you need a tow. Terry asks Chad about tackle equipment & electronics, as well as fish-finders, and Chad tells the listeners how to find an elite unit for less money. Also, how falling water changes your approach & keeps anglers honest. Michelle Cowardin joins the show to talk about the help of public & private donations, and the partnership Hot Sulfur Springs has between different entities. Michelle discusses using wildlife fencing to direct the animals, and the animals using ramps to jump off & get to safety. In the middle of their five-year study, Michelle says they’ve already seen a reduction in wildlife collisions along the highway, and numbers will continue to decrease as animals get used to it. Also, the dangerous winter drive & the limitations with funding. Ray Reeves also swings by to talk about campground use, comfort on wheels & why it’s a great time to buy a trailer with more to choose from. Ray says people can rent campers through hunting season. Jeanette Lara joins the show with methods for practicing at Cheyenne Mountain State Park’s 3D Field Archery range. Jeanette mentions the importance of actually getting out on the fields, and how the range can challenge the shooters with animals. Terry asks her if it’s a whole different shot when the animal is angled differently, and Jeanette highlights some features to take advantage of during military appreciation month. In this week’s TACKLE TALK, Terry highlights Nanofil fishing line with Nate Zelinsky, and Nate says fish are eating bugs at Spinney like crazy right now. Terry mentions it’s the thinnest diameter of any of the superlines, yet susceptible to a bit of abrasion. Nate mentions the lighter baits, but better presentation & Terry says 2-17 lbs. test is the best for nanofil line. Nate talks about trolling for bait control purposes, and the line allowing for trolling at a lower depth, and for more time to fish & build patterns. Also, Terry mentions the sensitivity of the line & some knots to consider to give anglers an advantage & prevent line slip.

Published: Saturday, July 29, 2017   |   Runtime: 43:07