Terry Wickstrom Outdoors: 4/29/17

Nate Zelinsky of Tightline Outdoors joins the show to talk about the transition from fishing for walleye in the spring to the summer. Nate can't believe he had to cancel his second walleye fishing event already, and is happy we haven't had a burst of cold or muddy water with recent runoff. Nate highlights fish in transition, and knows Barr Lake is currently one of the best weekend destinations for fishing. Park Manager at Arkansas Headwaters Glenn Cottone and his guide Stewart join Terry to talk about fishing on the Arkansas River & FIBARK. The guys go over regulations for rainbows & what things like streamers have been working well for Brown trout. Also, Glenn mentions drifting & dry droppers have been successful in places like Salida. Invasive Species Specialist Robert Walters joins Terry to talk about ANS boat inspections & what waters currently have inspectors. Robert mentions the contributions from partners, as well as the status at Jumbo. Robert highlights some of the waters opening up at the beginning of the month, and what hand-launched styles of boats are good with inspection. Ronny Castiglioni of Fishful Thinker joins the show to discuss hiring & choosing a guide. Fishful Thinker is education-based, and teaches a variety of techniques & ways to have fun fishing. Ronny says the most important thing to keep in mind when setting up your guide trip is communicating what exactly you are looking to get out of it. Ronny is straight-forward about all the presentations and when & where to use them all.

Published: Saturday, April 29, 2017   |   Runtime: 40:49