Klahr and Kompany | Hour 1 | 06.12.21

8:00 AM Weather Alert! We interrupt Playoff euphoria for this storm warning, cold showers of sobering reality have hit Colorado. I ask @SeanKeeler Have Nuggets like Avs hit the wall? Impact of Nuggets first MVP? Is Jokic best ever Nugget? Who is best Colorado pro MVP? 8:15 On @MidWestOne Bank’s Kickin It with Kiz, @markkiszla debates Jim Armstrong, @SeanKeeler: Nuggets coach Michael Malone and Avs Jared Bednar have both thrown their teams under the bus after recent playoff losses. Makes for juicy soundbites and good newspaper copy. But is it a smart motivational technique! 8:30 Lots of college football fans have been waiting for this. W/ @SeanKeeler and @JimGumm, The Blitz, we explore the proposal to expand CFP. Should they, is it broke? Pros, cons, right number of playoff teams and how should the 8:45 8:45 Avalanche were slapped and shot out of playoffs. with co host @SeanKeeler and @DPostSports writer @ryanohalloran, we look at Championship season that wasn’t. Changes needed. Can/should Avs keep big their name free agents? Which?

Published: Saturday, June 12, 2021   |   Runtime: 53:49