Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 10/21/17

Bob Broscheid joins the show LIVE in studio! Bob talks about the first bull elk he has ever harvested, and why his recent hunt was so successful. Bob talks about being rejuvenated in the field, and the satisfying part about being out there with your friends. Terry notes that the trip cannot be gauged by what you harvested, but more the appreciation of being out there. Bob’s goal is access to resources, and Bob mentions the recent surveys asking outdoors enthusiasts why limited access is preventing them from enjoying the outdoors. Terry mentions Pueblo going from positive to negative, and Bob says we are in ‘prevent’ mode in regard to muscles. Terry says the voice of the water providers is louder than those using the water for public recreation, and Bob notes the importance of working together on these boat ramp & enforcement issues. Bob says it is no longer enough to buy a hunting or angling pass, you must now be engaged in legislative reform.

Published: Saturday, October 21, 2017   |   Runtime: 45:11