Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 10/21/17

Nate Zelinsky joins the show to talk general fall fishing and mountain deer hunting. Nate talks about resting stages, and says things have been going either amazingly or poorly, and that's simply the dice-roll depending on elevation & conditions. Also, Nate touches on the best bite of the season, and why he likes spending a week chasing shallow reservoirs like Spinney for trout in the weeds, as well as avoiding getting caught up in your own style of fishing. Bill Willcox joins the show to give Terry an update on the Lake John area. Bill tells Terry why right now is a good period for fish with that 'stretch-your-line' size, and says boat access without the use of a dock is still allowed if you're able to launch it yourself. JR Pierce joins the show to talk about concealed carry classes, and how he lost his sunglasses & fishing rod. JR gets you ready for pheasant season, and notes what hunters should be doing to stay ready. Steve Schweitzer joins the show to highlight some of his favorite things about his new book, Designing Poppers, Sliders & Divers, and how you can pick up a copy for yourself. The book offers tips for catching more fish efficiently, and some of Steve's favorite techniques & secrets of fishing.

Published: Saturday, October 21, 2017   |   Runtime: 41:21