Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 7/8/17

Chris Gilman talks jigging rap fishing with Brad. Chris won the 2013 National Walleye Tour Championship on them, and says many other tournaments have been won on them as well. Chris says a three-foot leader helps the jigging rap fall & not tangle your line, and Brad notes they are tough for Northern Pike to bite off. Also, Brad & Chris agree they are incredibly effective, and letting it hit the bottom can trigger additional bites. Andrew Maddox, Park Manager with AHRA joins the show to talk about whitewater boating on the Arkansas River. Andrew notes to Brad that sections of the river are Class-5 for big thrills, but for the general public, they also offer Class-3 and 4 sections. Andrew says the upstream campgrounds are not yet on a fire restriction, but it's getting close. Also, Ray Reeves checks in to tell Brad pop-ups are still available for July, and they are having sales on some retail inventory. Kris Wahlers, Park Manager at Chatfield joins the show to talk canoeing, kayaking & paddleboarding on flat water. Kris mentions all the paddleboard opportunities to Brad, and says the hot days are already upon us. Also, Kris hints at checking out the south end for great fishing, and mentions how to create a little more room for yourself. Corey Cogdell, two-time Olympic Gold medalist, joins the show to talk about when shooters let a little dust collect before they get back out shooting their shotguns. Corey says the most important thing is gun fit & lining up correctly. Corey mentions what picking a point on the target does for a shooter, and tells Brad don't think too much because easy targets can get you. Also, what to do if your gun is too high, and suggestions for long passing shots.

Published: Saturday, July 08, 2017   |   Runtime: 42:49