Rachel Vigil

Rachel Vigil

Are the Nuggets doomed if Tim Connelly leaves?

Andrew Mason, Jake Shapiro and Rachel Vigil react to the Tim Connelly, Broncos ownership news and Mike Rupp from the NHL Network joins the show to discuss game two of the Avs and Blues
7 hours ago

WATCH: Who fits this Broncos offense better? Gordon or Lindsay?

Phillip Lindsay signed with the Colts on Tuesday but would he have fit in better with the Broncos offense than Melvin Gordon. George Paton didn't think so but Rachel and Will discussed on Coffee break
1 day ago

WATCH: Russell Wilson is beating out Peyton Manning on one thing

Russell Wilson may be new in town but Rachel and Will discuss how he's making his presence known in Colorado
1 day ago

Re-live last nights Avalanche OT win plus take a look at Von Millers house

A look back at the Avalanche OT winner, some drama inside the box and a special guest inside Ball Arena! Plus we take a look at Von Millers house listing! Tune in right now with Rachel Vigil and Will Petersen!
1 day ago

Face-Off: How physical will game one be against the Blues?

Will Petersen, Jake Shapiro and Rachel Vigil break down what they are expecting to see out of Round 2 for the Avalanche as they take on the Blues!
2 days ago

WATCH: Will the Rockies make it above .500 again this season?

Will the Rockies ever make it back up above .500 again this season? Jake gives his honest opinion on why this team struggles and find out why he's applauding James Merilatt
2 days ago

WATCH: Where do the Broncos rank in the NFL schedule videos?

Jake and Rachel deep dive into which NFL schedule release videos were the best! Who do you agree with?
2 days ago

WATCH: Get the inside on the Blues from Jeremy Rutherford

St. Louis Blues beat writer Jeremy Rutherford joins Coffee Break to talk Avs/Blues in round two!
2 days ago

Rockies, NFL schedule videos and Stanley Cup Playoffs round two!

Jake Shapiro and Rachel Vigil discuss if the Rockies will ever get above .500 again this season and what's the real issue with this team. In the final 15 minutes, Blues beat writer Jeremy Rutherford joins the show to discuss round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! 
2 days ago

WATCH: Who stood out at Broncos Rookie Minicamp?

James discusses what impressed him the most out at Broncos Rookie Minicamp Friday afternoon
3 days ago

WATCH: Reaction to an impressive 2-Nil win for the Rapids

The Rapids get the 2-Nil win over LAFC. Rachel and James discuss how impressive the win is for this squad
3 days ago

WATCH: Darcy Kuemper spoke with the media following his eye injury

Darcy Kuemper spoke with the media following his eye injury plus Rachel and James discuss if this break between round one and two has been too long on Mondays Coffee Break
3 days ago

WATCH: Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason joins Coffee Break

Learn about the newest member of DenverFan.com! What type of content can you expect out of him this season and what are his top Bronco moments?
3 days ago

Weekend roundup plus Andrew Mason joins the show!

Broncos rookie camp, Rapids get a win plus the newest member of our team joining us at 10:45 sharp!
3 days ago

Game by game breakdown of the Broncos 2022 schedule

Let's break down the Broncos 2022 schedule game by game plus we have an update on Jerry Jeudy and go over the best moments of the Broncos schedule release video!
6 days ago

The best moments from Jokic’s MVP announcement

Mark Schlereth joins the show to discuss the best moments from Jokic's MVP announcement plus we find out the craziest things players have traded to get a number in the NFL!
7 days ago

Guess the Broncos 2022-23 schedule with Will and Rachel

Rachel Vigil and Will Petersen take their best guesses at what the Broncos schedule will look like! Is Darcy Kuemper good for Round 2? We have an update plus the Rockies are ditching a uniform for this season. What will replace it? Find out right now!
8 days ago

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened in a hockey game?

We saw some crazy things in round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs but where do they rank in the top crazy things we've seen in a hockey game? Plus we have a load of Bronco news to break down! Come join Rachel Vigil and Jake Shapiro right now!
9 days ago

Breaking Avalanche news LIVE from DMac in Nashville

The Joker is the back to back NBA MVP but where does he rank all time for Colorado professional athletes? DMac joins us LIVE from Nashville! Can the Avalanche get the sweep against the Predators?
10 days ago

An Avalanche worth of fun in last nights 2-1 OT win

Plus should Broncos Country stop worrying about who the new owner is going to be? Come join us for Coffee Break
13 days ago

In the Sports Office: Stanley Cup Playoffs & Emmanuel Sanders event

Go behind the scenes as the Avalanche host the Predators in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs plus head out to Emmanuel Sanders event honoring DT at the Denver Boys and Girls Club.
14 days ago

Love or hate the new name appearing in the bidding for the Broncos?

DMac joins Rachel live from Ball Arena ahead of Game 2 between the Avs and Preds! Can the domination continue? A new name is appearing in the bid for the Broncos - do we love it or hate it?
14 days ago

This or That: London edition plus life advice thanks to the Rockies

The Broncos are headed to London in October. What are the best things to do and eat out in the UK? Plus was Jokic actually at the Avalanche game last night? He's how we know he wasn't! 
15 days ago

Mission 16W begins tonight

Mission 16W starts today! Let's talk Avs/Preds game one with a check in from DMac at Ball Arena! Plus the Broncos are heading overseas to go to London!
16 days ago