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Broncos head coach Vic Fangio isn’t the only one in “win now” mode

More than half of Denver's starters in Week 1 could be gone by the end of the season if the team doesn't turn things around and start winning
1 month ago

George Paton deserves high marks for first draft class

Often scrutinized, mostly for not including a first-round QB, the crop of rookies selected by George Paton has shined in his first year as GM
2 months ago

George Paton failed to upgrade the most-important position in football

With umpteen options in front of him, Denver's new general manager failed to take any of the options that would've been better than Drew Lock
3 months ago

Bucks title should be music to Nuggets fans ears

Milwaukee’s NBA championship shows there’s a formula for smaller market teams to succeed, something that should please Nuggets fans
3 months ago

From Super Bowl 50 to now, how did the Broncos get here?

From world champions in 2016 to five straight seasons missing the playoffs, Kevin Kissner examines how the Broncos got here
3 months ago

Paton will fail at addressing QB if Broncos can’t land Rodgers

Broncos GM George Paton will have failed to upgrade the QB position in his first offseason if he can't deliver Aaron Rodgers to Denver
5 months ago

Kissner mock draft: Broncos trade back from No. 9

As the football world prepares for the NFL Draft, 104.3 The Fan's Kevin Kissner has unveiled his one and only mock draft of the season
6 months ago

The Broncos can’t afford to draft QB Trey Lance

The North Dakota State prospect would be a project coming into the NFL, something the Denver Broncos can't afford
6 months ago

Could George Paton, Broncos be looking at a 2nd-round QB?

Don't be surprised if the Broncos play it conservative in round one, instead adding a QB to compete with Drew Lock later in the draft
6 months ago

The Broncos need to let QB Drew Lock sink or swim

If the Broncos truly want Drew Lock to succeed uncer center, bringing in a veteran backup quarterback to mentor him is the wrong move
6 months ago

Time to get Vic Fangio his favorite defensive toy, an ILB

If the Denver Broncos want to fully create an elite defense, they need to find a playmaking inside linebacker
7 months ago

Picking up Von Miller’s option doesn’t make any sense

With the postseason not in the Broncos' sights, it was a bad idea for Denver to pick up the final season of Von Miller's contract
7 months ago

Kissner: What the Broncos need to do in free agency

If George Paton wants to turn the Broncos around, he must find a way to fill all the needs Denver has struggled with since Super Bowl 50
7 months ago

The Broncos need to move on from Von Miller

Broncos Country may have a hard time with releasing a future Hall of Famer, but Denver needs all the resources it can get to rebuild
8 months ago

Only two good QB options for Broncos in 2021

Despite the chatter about who will be under center for the Broncos in 2021, only two paths make sense for Denver
8 months ago

There’s one Broncos QB trade scenario flying under the radar

A situation in which Denver could land one particular former first-round quarterback is more realistic than people think
8 months ago

Sign and trade could be option for Broncos with Justin Simmons

If Broncos general manager George Paton determines Denver is in a rebuild, dealing its star safety might be a wise decision in the long run
8 months ago

The impact Peyton Manning made on the Broncos was immeasurable

If not for the four-year stretch where the Hall of Fame quarterback was in orange and blue, it's been a dark decade-plus in Denver
8 months ago

Broncos could learn from Rams history of dealing first-round picks

If GM George Paton wants to be aggressive and rebuild the Broncos quickly, he should be willing to trade first-round picks for elite talent
9 months ago

The Broncos make more sense for Matthew Stafford than the Colts

For the third time in the past 40 years, a talented quarterback would be better off to come to Denver than toil in Indianapolis
9 months ago

The three biggest decisions George Paton needs to make this offseason

The Broncos new general manager will set his course early, having to make three critical calls during his first couple of months on the job
9 months ago

George Paton’s number one priority is to find a franchise QB

Among the many things the Broncos new general manager needs to accomplish is solving the five-year riddle behind center
9 months ago

The Denver Broncos need to hire Thomas Dimitroff as their GM

While there are plenty of qualified candidates to replace John Elway, the former architect of the Falcons makes the most sense
9 months ago

The top names emerging as candidates to be the Broncos next GM

While there is no shortage of candidates to replace John Elway, a few names continue to rise to the top, gaining traction in Denver's search
10 months ago