John Davis

Nikola Jokic has done his part, now it’s on the Nuggets to do theirs

The history of Colorado sports shows that one great player can't win a titl on his own, with Denver's back-to-back MVP the latest example
7 days ago

The ability to bounce back from setbacks will define the Avalanche

Previous teams to win championships in Colorado all had to learn hard lessons along the way; can this year's Avalanche add to the list?
14 days ago

Even without a first-round pick, Broncos draft can have a big impact

In previous years when they didn't make a selection in round one, Denver has still been able to land players who make a huge impact
28 days ago

The Broncos need to add edge rusher Melvin Ingram to the mix

Given the history of Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory not being on the field for 17 games, Denver's needs to bring in an insurance policy
1 month ago

As Shanahan showed in 1995, a head coach’s first season can be bumpy

There's a very real possibility that it takes Nathaniel Hackett a season to get his feet wet, but that won't mean that better days aren't ahead in Denver
1 month ago

Broncos history shows the importance of a dynamic duo at safety

The high points of Super Bowl wins, as well as the most-heartbreaking moment in team history, show why Denver needs to bring back Kareem Jackson
2 months ago

Russell Wilson will thrive in Denver, fueled by an obsession with winning

In the last three weeks Russell Wilson has devoted himself to returning the Broncos to contender status, and it’s only March
2 months ago

Bradley Chubb and the Broncos are no longer haunted by the 2018 draft

With a franchise quarterback finally in place, the former No. 5 overall pick is free from the burden of being taken ahead of Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson
2 months ago

The Broncos road to the Super Bowl isn’t as difficult as some might think

The AFC may be stacked with good, young quarterbacks, but the biggest road block to the Super Bowl from years past is no longer in the picture
2 months ago

The Broncos are no longer delusional about their QB situation

For the first time since Super Bowl 50, George Paton admitted that there isn't a winning formula for Denver that doesn't include a quarterback
3 months ago

Like it or not, the Broncos should stick with Drew Lock at QB in 2022

If Denver isn't able to land Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, the best course of action would be to ride things out with their current quarterback
3 months ago

It’s deja vu all over again for the Broncos in their pursuit of a quarterback

If the Broncos are unable to acquire Aaron Rodgers, they're heading down a familiar path, one that was fraught with trouble just three years ago
3 months ago

Von Miller in the Super Bowl is a painful reminder to Broncos Country

Players used to come to Denver in order to win late in their careers; now, they're having to escape in order to find greener pastures elsewhere
3 months ago

The Josh McDaniels era was a blip on the radar in Broncos Country

It was bad and it was embarrassing, but the two seasons of Hurricane Josh didn't hurt the franchise, proving that a quick turnaround is possible
3 months ago

The Broncos hiring of Hackett is all about acquiring Rodgers

George Paton rolled the dice with Nathaniel Hackett, a move that will pay off if the Broncos are able to trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers
4 months ago

The Broncos need to tap into their history when hiring a head coach

Time and time again, the Broncos have turned back the clock when they need to reboot the franchise, a pattern they should follow again in 2022
4 months ago

The Broncos have been giving everyone clues about their Fangio decision

Reading the tea leaves, and applying what George Paton has done thus far as the Broncos general manager, signals where Denver is leaning
4 months ago

The Broncos problem at QB has nothing to do with Bridgewater or Lock

While everyone in Broncos Country likes to debate the two quarterback options, neither player ever had a chance to success this season
5 months ago

Bridgewater has to play better for the Broncos to win and the money to follow

While he's been steady through the first 13 games, the Broncos quarterback is going to have to up his level of play down the home stretch
5 months ago

Sunday night against the Chiefs provides the Broncos with a litmus test

After their biggest game since Super Bowl 50, the Broncos will know just how close, or far, they are from being a true contender in the AFC
6 months ago

As history shows, one big win won’t necessarily save the Broncos season

Back in 2010, the Josh McDaniels-led Broncos scored a resounding victory, but it wasn't enough to turn things around for the team or coach
6 months ago

George Paton proved he’s moving on from John Elway and Vic Fangio

The Broncos general manager gave the head coach and executive one last shot to prove their way works, but pulled the plug on Monday
7 months ago

Sunday’s Manning tribute should serve as a wakeup call for Paton

Ever since Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos have repeatedly tried to win with a marginal QB, a misguided approach that the GM needs to end
7 months ago

Shanahan’s Ring of Fame induction is a reminder of once-lofty standards

Denver will honor the winningest coach in franchise history on Sunday, a painful reminder of how good things used to be in Broncos Country
7 months ago