Jerry Schemmel

The Nuggets are still learning the toughest lesson for NBA players

While it seems simple and obvious, the key to winning in the NBA is something that most players, including the Nuggets, fail to realize
2 hours ago

It’s time for the Nuggets to pick up the pieces after the MPJ surgery

Life rarely goes according to plan, something the Nuggets know all too well, but the response to adversity is what defines a situation
5 days ago

It’s impossible not to root for Nuggets rookie guard Bones Hyland

On the court, he plays with an enthusiasm that is infectious, but his backstory makes the Nuggets rookie an even easier player to pull for
9 days ago

The Bucks are a reminder that hope is not lost for the Nuggets

A season ago, Milwaukee struggled through patches of the season due to injuries, but they were still able to thrive when it mattered most
15 days ago

Former Nuggets coach George Karl’s passion for basketball still burns

Even at the age of 71, after three bouts with cancer, the former Nuggets head coach is still as passionate about the game of basketball as ever
19 days ago

One recent Nuggets win provided an answer to two key questions

When the Nuggets were forced to play shorthanded, they were able to learn a lot about themselves and provide a glimpse of what's to come
22 days ago

Were the Nuggets wise to sign Michael Porter Jr. to a max contract?

The early returns haven't been good, but that doesn't mean the Nuggets decision to ink MPJ to a long-term deal was an unwise one
26 days ago

Opposing teams have to pick their poison with Nikola Jokic

Much like great players in other sports, the Nuggets big man forces opponents to make a decision, picking which way they want to get beaten
28 days ago

Despite their 5-4 record, the Nuggets are off to an encouraging start

For the longest time, the Nuggets haven't been very good on both ends of the floor, but a new commitment to defense is worth noting
1 month ago

Schemmel: Ranking the five best draft picks in Nuggets history

There have been plenty of misses on draft night for the Nuggets, but they have managed to turn in the exact right card on occasion
1 month ago

Hopefully, the Nuggets learned a hard lesson the last two games

The Nuggets have lost to a lot of inferior opponents in recent years, a trend that continued with an early season loss to the Cavaliers
1 month ago

Are the Nuggets truly a championship contender this season?

George Karl says there are three ingredients to teams that are capable of winning the NBA title, but do the Nuggets have all three?
1 month ago

One moment summed up Nolan Arenado’s tenure with the Rockies

It wasn't a home run or a dazzling play at third, but his reaction to one of the greatest moments in franchise history that epitomized the All-Star
10 months ago