Dan Jacobs

Judge orders Altitude and Comcast to court to resolve dispute

Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Avalanche and Nuggets fans, as the court is growing impatient with a case going nowhere
6 days ago

The Grill Samaritan: BBQ hack to turn up Thanksgiving Day

The Grill Samaritan Dan Jacobs reveals the "easiest barbecue hack of all time" to take your Thanksgiving turkey to the next level
8 days ago

The Grill Samaritan: A smoky twist on a comfort food staple

The Grill Samaritan is at it again, adding a smoky twist to a popular go-to comfort food dish that should delight any meat eater
11 days ago

The Grill Samaritan: Cheddar jalapeño sausages spice up any tailgate

The voters have spoken, and The Grill Samaritan delivers, as Dan Jacobs demonstrates how to make cheddar jalapeño sausages
18 days ago

The Grill Samaritan: No mess, simple flat top pork chops

Leave all that shake and bake in the pantry, as Dan Jacobs shows you how to make simple, no mess flat top pork chops
24 days ago

The Grill Samaritan: This cut of meat will make you king of the grill

The Grill Samaritan Dan Jacobs shows you how an often overlooked cut of meat will make you the hero of the dinner table
1 month ago

The Grill Samaritan: Tropical chicken to spice up your tailgate

The Grill Samaritan, Dan Jacobs, shows you how to make a tropical chicken worthy of any great tailgate party
2 months ago

The People vs. Schlereth and Evans: A verdict is in

Mike Evans and Mark Schlereth are advocating that Andy Dalton should be Denver's No. 1 free-agent priority, a crime against Broncos Country
9 months ago

Legal analysis: Altitude’s court case is a Hail Mary by Kroenke

Another season of the Avalanche and Nuggets is unavailable to most of the home market while Altitude puts hopes in "thin" court case
10 months ago

Elevator Pitch: Go ahead, Broncos, and beat the Raiders this weekend

Go ahead Broncos Country, says Dan Jacobs, and root to beat the Raiders on Sunday because it won't hurt Denver's draft prospects much
11 months ago

The time has come to finally kill the myth of the great John Elway draft

Three years ago, the media started telling everyone that the Broncos had found a new formula for success in the draft, which has proven to be untrue
12 months ago