Best advice your dad ever gave you

Sep 28, 2022, 11:32 AM

We’ve got a video you’re not gonna wanna miss plus a little inside scoop on the Broncos game management hire! Mark Schlereth also joins us as we look ahead to the Raiders.

Coffee Break

Russell Wilson...
Rachel Vigil

Total rebuild or run it back with Russ?

Paton and Russ aren't going anywhere according to an NFL insider! Plus BJ Kissel from KC Sports Network drops by to share some insight on how the Chiefs are approaching this Sunday.
14 hours ago
Michael Malone...
Rachel Vigil

Is Malone on the hot seat?

Why can't the Nuggets figure it out defensively? Did Nate Jackson find a way for Hackett to stay employed by the Broncos?
2 days ago
John Elway...
Rachel Vigil

Is John Elway to blame?

Not Nathan MacKinnon 😭 Stoke and Zach also join the show and we have trivia on this Tuesday!
3 days ago
Deion Sanders...
Rachel Vigil

Pros and cons to Coach Prime in Boulder

Another Monday talking about a Broncos loss. Here we go again! Thankfully we've also got some energy up in Boulder to get us through the start of the week!
4 days ago
Bradley Chubb...
Rachel Vigil

The best NFL matchups of the weekend

Is there any chance the Broncos can pull an upset in Baltimore plus what has happened to Denver’s offensive weapons that was supposed to make the offenses ‘unstoppable’?
7 days ago
Russell Wilson...
Rachel Vigil

Coffee Break hits its boiling point

Nathaniel Hackett brushed off a question about changing quarterbacks without even thinking about it, but should the Broncos seriously consider benching Russell Wilson?
8 days ago
Best advice your dad ever gave you