Hackett’s Broncos debut is a big game, the gameplan for it is taking shape

Sep 6, 2022, 2:47 PM
Nathaniel Hackett...
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The Denver Broncos kickoff their 2022 season in less than a week, and the focus of those at UC Health Training Center is now squarely on the Seattle Seahawks.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s game plan is developing as he prepares for his team’s first game of the season and his first as the boss. Hackett knows it’s a big game not only for the beginning of his career but also for the Broncos since it’s Monday Night Football against a team they made a significant trade with this offseason.

Russell Wilson returns and Hackett’s locked in on the defense he’ll be facing in a game for the first time.

“I’ve been looking primarily at the defense up to this point; they’re an excellent defensive football team,” Hackett said. “They’ve got some huge human beings up front, with a lot of experience. They sure look perfect right now, and then from an offensive standpoint, they’ve still got a bunch of good players there that have made a lot of plays, so it’s going to be a heck of a battle.”

Experts don’t expect the Seahawks defense to be too stout, and experts pick the team to win less than six games. Still, Seattle is a daunting to place to play, and the Broncos are turning up the noise at practice, with Hackett telling anyone at practice to plug their ears.

“This isn’t my first game,” Hackett said. “It’s still calling the plays and going through the same process you go through throughout the week. There are just a couple of other people you got to talk to throughout the week, but in the end, it’s a football game. In the end, it’s about your preparation. Once you prepare the whole week and feel great about it, you’re on autopilot and ready to make adjustments if you need to.”

The actual Broncos game plan is still coming into view a little less than a week since the team does debut a day late in prime time.

“We haven’t put anything in officially we’re just kind of working through it,” Hackett told. “Some of the things and ideas that we might have had are so fluid because there’s such a long period that you don’t want the game plan to get dull. So we’ll set in on it on Thursday because of the Monday game.”

Wilson’s return may be taking the marquee. Still, it’s a new era of Broncos football beginning altogether, including Hackett’s tenure and the first game of the Walton-Penner ownership group at the helm.

It’s a game with many storylines, possibly overshadowing the game itself, which remains Hackett’s focus.

“Now this is obviously a big game because it’s the first game, it’s a big game because it’s Monday night, it’s a big game because he’s gonna be there,” Hackett said. “Those are just the facts. He always says that pressure is a privilege, and I think that’s something great that he lives off of, and I agree with that. We’re just excited to go play a football game. These guys have been chomping at the bit, and that’s what you want.”



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Hackett’s Broncos debut is a big game, the gameplan for it is taking shape