Drop the Mike: Broncos fans shouldn’t be grumpy about 2-0

Sep 21, 2021, 6:23 AM | Updated: 6:45 am
Drop the Mike...

• When the Broncos’ schedule came out, everybody agreed what a great opportunity it was to get off to a good start, build momentum and create hope for a season that could be worth something. Now that the Broncos have done their part in starting 2-0, all I heard Monday morning was, “Yeah but they haven’t beaten anyone,” “Let’s see when they play someone” and “Pump the brakes, homers.” Okay.

I’m not going overboard about 2-0. But I’ve seen plenty of Broncos teams over the last five years lose to teams they should beat. So if you want to dismiss two double-digit road wins, then I think you’re being unfair to this team.

• If the Broncos had selected Justin Fields and he began the season 2-0, completing 77% of his passes, averaging 300 yards passing per game, with four touchdowns and no interceptions, while leading the NFL in passes attempted over 20 yards, fans would be shouting from the top of Colorado’s 14’ers about how we have our savior at QB for the next 15 years. Instead, Teddy Bridgewater does it and all I hear is a collective, “Yeah, but…”

• Speaking of George Paton draft picks… Sunday was a nice game for the GM with Pat Surtain getting his first career interception and Javonte Williams looking like he’ll be an absolute stud.

• Don’t you love watching running backs like Williams punish people? Williams led the NCAA in broken tackles last year at North Carolina and he hasn’t been shy since entering the NFL. Plus, he’s an all-around back. Impressive how much the Broncos trust him on third down. He picked up a blitzer on a third-down play that Bridgewater completed to Courtland Sutton for a 16-yard gain on the drive that put the Broncos up 17-7.

• It looks like life without Jerry Jeudy will be okay. Tells you how great Courtland Sutton can be that he has that type of game when I still don’t think he’s 100% recovered yet from the knee.

• It’s a tough, tough break for Josey Jewell who was really playing well. Just hate to lose guys that are consummate pros who love football. That’s a big loss.

• Vic Fangio says Bradley Chubb was cleared to play, so he played. Sorry, coach. In a time where the NFL is rapidly evolving to take better care of their players and to try and mitigate injuries, there needs to be a new mindset when it comes to game day. If a player is only at 70-80%, that shouldn’t pass for “cleared.” Especially this early in the season. I’m not saying the NFL goes the way of the NBA with their “load management,” which has become ridiculous and an insult to fans, but there should be a happy medium.

• It’s my line and I’m proud of it. The Broncos defense made Trevor Lawrence look like Johnny Lawrence after a kick to the face from Daniel LaRusso! Boom! Hash brown and send that to the internet!!

• At what point does George Paton approach Von Miller about a new deal?

• I think Kareem Jackson would’ve fit well with the “No Fly Zone.”

• Okay, Tom McMahon, you’re on notice. I gave you the benefit of the doubt these last two years for all the special teams woes. I excused it away to a lack of talent. But as this roster depth has improved and GM Paton went out and made moves to bring in special teams aces it’s now on you to coach ’em up better.

• John Elway and Peyton Manning on opposing sides for future ownership of the Broncos? Too good to be true!! If both gentlemen just want to be owners and be “The Face” of the Broncos then I’m fine with either one. Whichever group has the deepest pockets I’m good. However, I can’t imagine either man being content with that. They’d want to be involved. They’d want a say. Under that scenario, give me Peyton. I’ve seen the Elway way. No disrespect, but I’m eager for something different.

• Besides, I’d be fascinated to see what Stokley’s role would be.

Drop the Mike

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Drop the Mike: Broncos fans shouldn’t be grumpy about 2-0