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Graham Glasgow
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Broncos could be down a starter on offense after scary situation in New York

(Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)

It didn’t get a lot attention during the game. Even after the Broncos win, a member of the team leaving MetLife Stadium in an ambulance went unreported. But on Monday, Vic Fangio revealed that a scary situation emerged while the team was in the Meadowlands.

“Graham Glasgow had some internal issues,” the head coach said. “He had kind of had an irregular heartbeat going.”

Apparently, the problem plagued the Broncos starting right guard throughout the game.

“Graham told me this morning that it started bothering them the second or third series,” Fangio added. “He just kept trying to play through it.”

Along the way, Netane Muti was called upon as a spot fill-in. All told, the second-year guard played three snaps in place of Glasgow. Moving forward, that’s likely who would fill the void if the veteran can’t go on Sunday against the Jaguars.

“That probably would be the what would happen,” Fangio said about the team’s contingency plans.

Will they need to go that route? It seems possible, given that Glasgow still isn’t back in Denver.

“We kept them up there in New York,” Fangio added. “They examined them totally. He’s still up there. He’ll stay the night. But the plan is for him to come back tomorrow morning.”

An irregular heartbeat. Leaving the stadium in an ambulance. Two nights in the hospital.

It all adds up to a scary situation for the Broncos starting right guard.