Believe it or not, the Broncos game against the Giants is a must-win

Sep 8, 2021, 6:35 AM | Updated: 6:51 am
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How in the world can game one of a 17-game season be considered a “must win?” I can imagine the head shaking out there.

“Classic Evans hyperbole!”

“Going for clicks!”

Well, this isn’t hyperbole. Let me explain and see if I can win you over.

After four years of terrible football, this offseason has been all about building a positive vibe. The offseason was normal. The missed reps of 2020 were back. The coaching staff had another year of continuity.

The QB competition was designed with the idea that whoever won it, that quarterback had earned the job based on performance and the Broncos offense and team in general would be the beneficiaries. The younger players drafted high in rounds one and two would be another year older and experienced.

The arrival of new general manager George Paton would bring a much needed fresh approach to doing things and a continued upgrade in overall roster talent. Even the prospects of new, deep-pocketed ownership seemed to energize the Broncos and the fan base.

That’s a lot of built up momentum. Or, at the least, that’s a lot of hopeful momentum that the team and fans are trying to convince themselves is real.

Which brings us to the Giants game. Here’s why it’s a must win. In order for this momentum – real or imagined – to matter, the Broncos have to win. A win validates all this optimism and hope.

Look, it was real!!!

The team and the fans can believe things have changed. The talent is better. The culture is better. The identity is being established.

A loss would be deflating. Feelings of what has really changed?

Immediately, Vic Fangio would be on the hot seat. There would be calls for Teddy Bridgewater to be benched. All that distrust and pessimism and negativity that you just know has been lingering will come boiling to the surface.

I know your rebuttal. Losing to the Giants isn’t ideal, but go out and beat Jacksonville and the Jets to get to 2-1 and all will be good.

Will it? The Jags and Jets are terrible. Both are starting rookie QBs who might be good in the future, but in the early going, they’ll be swimming.

What will wins over those teams really prove? Yes, the Broncos will be 2-1, but how many of you will truly believe things are different?

The Giants aren’t world beaters and beating them doesn’t prove the Broncos are on their way to a 10- or 11-win season and a playoff berth. But a win would mean so much. So much that a loss is flat out unacceptable.

Which makes this a must win.

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Believe it or not, the Broncos game against the Giants is a must-win