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Calling BS on the Broncos supposed quarterback evaluation

Let’s get this out of the way. I’m not here to shoot the messenger. James Palmer of the NFL Network is a top-notch reporter. When he says the Broncos have only completed 2-3 percent of their QB evaluation, I believe him.

What I don’t believe? I don’t buy the Broncos actually believing this.

Allow me to back up a bit. All last season, didn’t we hear the Broncos moan and complain and lament about not having an offseason? How Drew Lock and this offense missed out on valuable reps? I bought it then, and I buy it now. It was important. It was valuable.

So how is it now, after multiple OTAs and mini-camps and some 1,400 reps according to offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, that somehow the Broncos have only completed 2-3 percent of their evaluation of Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock? C’mon? Really?

Here’s how coaches think. No matter the sport, no matter the level of competition, coaches are always evaluating. They are constantly thinking who’s their starting QB, starting five, No. 1 goalie, ace pitcher, etc, etc. Who would they turn to if they had to play a game today!

Football coaches are thinking about that as soon as the draft is completed. I strongly suspect Vic Fangio asks the question to himself all the time. He knows who he would play today if there was a game (cough, cough, Bridgewater).

Palmer also said in his report that the Broncos may use all three preseason games to determine who the starter is. Fine by me. I’m not in a rush to crown a starter. While I don’t believe in the 2-3 percent report, I do believe enough of an evaluation has been done that it’s still close between Bridgewater and Lock. I believe Bridgewater has the lead, but it’s not a runaway.

Lock still has plenty of time to close the gap and win the job. Those preseason games matter. I remember watching Brady Quinn look the part of a starting QB in practices, only to play terribly in preseason games.

There are some who believe the whole QB competition thing was doomed from the start. I disagree. My feeling since last October was Drew Lock should be given the opportunity to show he can make a jump in year three. I also believed he had not earned the right to run unopposed.

There needed to be a safety net in the form of competition. If Lock beat out that guy, then you could feel confident Lock was ready to make the leap. If he didn’t improve, you owed it to your football team to make sure there was another guy to turn to to give this year’s team a chance to compete. That’s what they have in Bridgewater.

So bring on training camp. Bring on the competition. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. But, Broncos, please don’t tell me you’re basically starting from scratch. I don’t believe it and your fan base doesn’t believe it.


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