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Don’t count out Von Miller, especially if the Broncos land Watson

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

As the producer for “Schlereth and Evans,” as well as “Orlando and Sandy,” I get to hear a lot of great live content. I also get to sift through all of the daily “best of” sound from all of other the amazing shows on The Fan.

And when it comes to the future of Von Miller, the consensus seems to be that Miller is on his last legs, but he’s too expensive to trade. Maybe the team could convince him to take a discount and stay. His trade value isn’t what it used to be. I think he’s thought to be worth a second rounder and double cheeseburger – allegedly.

That all being said, I think most of us in Broncos Country would love to see him finish his great career in orange and blue.

He was drafted by the Broncos in 2011 and he hit the ground running by snagging second team All-Pro honors as a rookie. Fast forward past the eight Pro Bowl selections, Super Bowl 50 MVP and champion, then add in the numerous Broncos franchise records, and you have a heck of a career.

But like all good things, they eventually will end. And right now, Von is slowing down – but has he slowed down so much that we need to freak out about it?

Well, let’s only look at sacks, because that’s the big flashy stat:

He missed last season due to injury. So never mind that year.

In 2019, he had 8 sacks.

In 2018, he had 14.5.

In 2017, he had 10.

In 2016, he had 13.5.

In 2015, he had 11… and won a Super Bowl.

In the 2019 season, a lot of people accused Von Miller of not putting in full effort and that caused lower numbers. Or he just lost a step – or two.

Let’s not forget that Von Miller is also known as Vonster… as in “Monster”… as in a beast of a man. The guy was double and triple-teamed most of 2019. And the other beast on the Denver defense, Bradley Chubb was injured. You add all that up and it doesn’t make much sense to count out Von Miller.

The dynamic duo of Von and Chubb will hopefully be unleashed this upcoming season. But the billion-dollar question is, “Will Von Miller be in a Broncos uniform?”

Circling back to the beginning of this amazing blog, I asked if somehow the Broncos could convince Von to take a discount. Well, if George Paton and the Denver Broncos can get the Sack master to restructure his contract, it’s going to be assisted by hope. And the only way the Broncos can sell Von Miller on hope, is if the Broncos’ defense has help from the offense. The best way to do that would be if Denver can work out a deal to bring Deshaun Watson to the Mile High City.

It’s simple, Deshaun Watson adds fuel to Von’s gas tank, while Drew Lock syphons the gas out of his tank and slashes the tires.

If I’m Von, when I look at Lock, I’m just reminded of the pain and misery that I’ve been through since Peyton Manning departed. The constant smashing of my head into the brick wall of the AFC.

Now, if Deshaun Watson is slinging the pigskin for the Broncos, I see a beautiful light developing at the end of a dark tunnel. And at the very least, I can see the playoffs sparkling in the distance. Like bedazzled jeans – maybe.

If George Paton gets Deshaun Watson to the Denver Broncos, they get a reenergized Von Miller that is itching to get his hands dirty with his sidekick, Bradley Chubb. Think about that.

Now, the Broncos can address the secondary in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Wait a minute… the Broncos may be able to challenge the Chiefs in the AFC West.

But this is all based on, “What if the Broncos get Deshaun Watson?” So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Until then, let’s not jump ship on Von Miller as a Denver Bronco. I still think he has a lot to give to Broncos Country.