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Kareem Jackson confirms that Deshaun Watson is open to the Broncos

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

There have been clues that Deshaun Watson would be interested in coming to Denver. First, the quarterback followed a number of Broncos players on Instagram. Then, reporters insinuated that he had narrowed his options to four or five teams, with the orange and blue being among that group.

Now, an ex-teammate has connected the dots. In an interview with TMZ Sports, current Broncos safety Kareem Jackson said that Watson would be open to a trade to Denver.

“I had a couple of conversations with him,” Jackson said of his teammate in 2017 and ’18. “Denver is a place that’s he’s interested in landing.”

That has many people scratching their heads. After all, the Broncos are in the midst of the worst stretch of losing the franchise has endured since the AFL-NFL merger.

But there are some good pieces in place. On offense, Denver is loaded with young talent. There certainly wouldn’t be a shortage of weapons for Watson to put to use.

That’s why the feeling might be mutual. Instead of waiting and hoping that Drew Lock can develop into a franchise QB, the Broncos could add one who already is at that level.

“If Deshaun Watson goes anywhere, they are automatically contenders,” Jackson added. “If he has pieces around him, he’s an automatic contender.”

That’s the situation in Denver, where recent drafts have stockpiled talent. Now, the Broncos have to be willing to be bold, to give up a lot in order to transform the team.

“He can turn any franchise around,” Jackson said.

For a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in five years and has been below .500 in each of the last four campaigns, that’s exactly what’s needed. Will George Paton be willing to pay the price to make it happen? That’s the question.