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(Photos courtesy of the Colorado Avalanche)
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First look: Avalanche unveil Nordiques-themed retro jersey

(Photos courtesy of the Colorado Avalanche)

The newest iteration of the Colorado Avalanche jersey will have Avs fans hopping in the way-back machine, as the club unveiled a throwback sweater Monday harkening to the Quebec Nordiques era.

In coordination with the NHL and the remaining 30 franchises, the Avalanche unveiled its new digs for this upcoming season as part of a league-wide revealing of the Reverse Retro ADIZERO Authentic jersey collection.

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The sweater features the iconic Nordiques igloo — a nod back to the organizations stint in Quebec City, Canada — but in Colorado’s burgundy and blue color scheme. The jersey also includes the fleur-de-lis symbol patch, modeled after Quebec’s provincial flag, on each shoulder and on the bottom of both the front and back.

“The Avalanche’s reverse retro jersey is unique in that it represents our club’s rich history and bright future, utilizing the Nordiques’ iconic marks and remixed in the Avalanche’s beloved burgundy and blue,” said Declan Bolger, the team’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

“The sweater pays tribute to the franchise’s time in Quebec City, the first 25 seasons in Colorado, and will be popular for not only Avalanche and Nordiques fans, but for all fans of the game.”

One of the few white sweaters in the Reverse Retro collection, the jersey symbolizes the snow found in both northern Quebec and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Other features include a wide burgundy stripe at the waistline and narrow stripes at the end of each sleeve hemline — the same as the Nordiques original home jersey — along with a nameplate with lettering similar to the club’s original style.

The sweater is available for presale starting today with orders being shipped as early as Dec. 1.

The full uniform design and the dates on which the Avalanche will wear the jersey will be announced at a later date.


Here’s what the internet is saying about the new look for the Avs:


Before relocating to Denver in 1995, the club spent 23 seasons in the capital city of the Quebec province, located just northwest of Maine.

The Quebec Nordiques began play in the World Hockey Association in 1972 before becoming a part of the NHL’s four-team expansion in 1979.

On the wide collar of the throwback sweater includes recognition of the club’s past and present with the text “COL” and “79” on the back neck, which represents the franchise’s first NHL season in Quebec and its current home in Denver.