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Evans’ Broncos Pre Pre-season blog: Heading into preseason game 1

-How’s this for finding the bright side? Instead of the original thought that the offense and quarterbacks would BENEFIT by going up against the Broncos’ All World defense, could it be that its actually been to their detriment? Watching the offense on Monday was painful. Every snap was a jailbreak. Defensive guys were flying in. If the QB’s had any time to throw the receivers were blanketed. The offense looked skittish and overmatched. How can that possibly help? So, here’s that silver lining. This is the best defense the offense will see all year. Lets watch them against ordinary NFL defenses before we all freak out?

-If this is truly a mess at QB…….I hate to say it but this does land in the lap of one John Elway. Lets not kid ourselves. PLAN A after the Super Bowl was to re-sign Brock Osweiler. Either Elway mis-read the market or he was clueless to Osweiler’s frothing hatred towards the Broncos for being benched in the San Diego game. PLAN B was to acquire Sanchez but that was just “the first step.” The next was to acquire Colin Kapernick. Elway doesn’t like to waste time. The courtship of Kap was legit. But Elway couldn’t close that deal-demanding SF eat too much $$$$$. So here we are on PLAN C-which I don’t believe was really a plan in the early days of March.

-I hear fans’ frustration over the very real possibility of Aqib Talib being suspended. No proof he had a gun. No proof he shot himself. I got all that. But Czar Goodell is drunk with power these days. Fresh off the victory over Tom Brady (btw, no REAL conclusive proof there either) Goodell feels like Wyatt Earp, riding around the countryside righting wrongs and saving damsels in distress. He truly is judge, jury and executioner. Due process means nothing. Establishing strict guidelines and using precedents to hand out discipline is an afterthought. It’s make it up as he goes along and do what feels good. Talib is set to get a “lifetime achievement award” that was earned through a series of punches, assaults, shots fired (allegedly) and eye gouges. It’s The Commish’s World and we’re all just living in it (btw, the players DID agree to give Goodell this power- oh and the franchise tag as well. Wow are these players sheep or what?).

-why is it so hard for some running backs in this system to plant that foot and run North/South? I think of that every time I watch Ronnie Hillman bounce it outside.

-if Bradley Roby was parachuted into 25 other NFL camps he immediately becomes their starting cornerback.

-I try not to get to caught up in rookies (I leave that to Cecil Lammey). I like to see how they handle the transition from year one to year two before I really judge. That said, I got a good feeling about rookie safety Justin Simmons from Boston College. Believe me, as a ‘Cuse guy, hard to say nice things about an Eagle.

-speaking of Orangemen, NOTHING  against Britton Colquitt but I’m rooting for Riley Dixon in the punter’s battle. Syracuse football sucks so bad. We’ve got zero presence in the NFL. I need something to hang my hat on!

-Rooting for a bounce back season from Russell Okung. Guy just goes about his business the right way. True pro’s pro. Even if he turned down my CORDIAL INVITE to our Fan Fest (get your tickets at )

-Gotta pump the brakes a bit on The Drive’s runaway love fest with Broncos wide receivers. Training camp is set up to make WR’s look better than ANY other position group. All the one on one drills. The 7-on-7’s…QB’s can hang in a little longer to wait for the WR to break free because they know they won’t get hit. I need to see it under real game conditions before I go ga-ga.

-Kenny Anunike out/Ryan Murphy in. Need anymore evidence the NFL is talking out of their #*^((*(&_ when they say character matters? It’s about taking care of holes on the roster and talent first, last and always.

-Here’s hoping someone hits Jay Cutler hard enough he ends up looking through his ear hole.


– Mike Evans