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Football is Back! The Broncos are back!

I figured I needed to pump up the volume for the return of the defending champs seeing as how the fans’ response was certainly lukewarm. Oh sure, there were the requisite crazies who showed up in the early

morning, pre-dawn hours to claim those vaunted first spots in line. Of course, if you showed up at say, 9 a.m. you probably be sitting about two rows behind those pre-dawn arrivals. Oh, the things you missed! (sorry for the snark but seeing as how the last time I camped out over night for anything was Syracuse/Georgetown tickets when I was a freshman at the Cuse I really don’t get the whole concept).

Anyway, back to the fans. The big hill where fans sit to watch practice was only about half full. What could be the reason for such an uninspired turnout? Maybe, after all these weeks and months of wondering if the Broncos players would be complacent coming off a Super Bowl, maybe it would be the fans?

It stands to reason. I once heard former ESPN and now HBO talker Bill Simmons suggest once your team won a championship it gave fans a three to five year grace period. Meaning, for that time, you rooted for your team but you just couldn’t summon up the same angst and live and die with them as you did pre-championship. Your team won. You were happy. You were content.

Perhaps that describes a good chunk of Broncos country?

Or, could it be the QB “battle” between Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian just isn’t buzzworthy enough for Broncos’ fans? Is the fans’ interest in coming out to training camp tied to the level of interest there is in the quarterback? Something to think about.

Anyway…….other observations from Day One of Champ Camp…….

1) Sanchez was the best Qb on the field. He was more decisive with his decision making. He threw with more purpose. He made the throw of the day-a fifteen yard deep out, throwing across his body, pinpoint laser to Demaryious Thomas that was caught despite good coverage from Bradley Roby. Conversely, Siemian did not have a good day. He was indecisive and checked down far too often. He also threw an interception intended for Cody Latimer that was picked off by Lorenzo Doss in what would’ve been a pick-six TD.

2) DT looks like a man on a mission. Man, watching him close up-what a beast! I know I preach that WR is a dependent position, but DT truly is one of those rare breeds that can play above the X’s and O’s. If he wants to. If today was any indication, he does-and watch out.

3) TJ Ward said the idea of teams “figuring” out the Broncos defense makes him laugh. As he put it, the Broncos play virtually 100% man. There is no deception to what they do. No wild scheming. It’s “here we are, see what you got, best man wins” all over the field. Translation, you won’t out X and O the Broncos D-you better just have the better players. Gotta love the simplicity of that, huh?

4) CSU Rams fans-listen up. Kapri Bibbs got the biggest compliment of the day from Gary Kubiak. Coach says Bibbs “is a different player than last year.” Not enough consolation over likely being left out of the Big-12 but take it where you can get it.

-Mike Evans


**Top Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


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